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Alright guys

Need someone's opinion on this as I'm about to have a mental break down.

I have a 2000 plate, phase 3, Peugeot 306 1.4 petrol.

I replaced the head gasket on it about a year and 5 months ago as it was leaking oil down the side of the block. New bolts, correctly tourqued, skimmed head ect.

The car has been fine but 2 months ago I can hear water rushing through the heater matrix when i rev it a couple times on morning start ups. Obviously air in the system ,so I bled it. Only for it to return the next day after driving.

Now of course I'm thinking head gasket again but I've carried out the following:
-Compression test, pass
-combustion gas leak test ,pass
- no water in the oil
- no oil in the water
-not buring oil
-not buring water
- no smoke of any kind out the exhaust

I've rulled the gasket out.

The car drives fine and does not over heat, but on idle it goes just under the red. Also , every 3 weeks or so the gauge will go from normal 90 right into the red, then a minute later back to 90.

(The fans are working correctly when it gets over 90 degrees)

I've changed the thermostat , pressure release cap and radiator.

Still getting this issue.

All the hoses to the radiator are hot when it is running and the hose from the exit of the radiator to the head is cooler ( still warm but has been cooled by rad)

So having rulled out the head gasket, is the rushing water in the matrix an air bubble I'm failing to bleed out ? As I've never known a head gasket that's passed all the above test to JUST put air in the coolant. And how is this car overheating when it's coolant system is doing it's job ?

I know air in the system can cause a car to overheat, but surely it would overheat all times when running , not intermittent every 3 weeks and occasionly on idle ?

The last thing I think it can be is a faulty coolant temp sensor, but the rushing water in the matrix concerns me.

Any help would be much appreciated. I have in my head it's the head gasket but having changed hundreds in my time as a mechanic I've never seen one JUST put air in the system. And I'll be hacked off if I change it for this fault to continue.

Fyi, I was also thinking it could be a cracked head but the head was fine when it went to the engineers to be skimmed last year and this car is driven like a granny.


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When this happened to my 2000 plate 2.0 XSi, it ended up needing a brand new radiator to fix the overheating problem, which at the time of driving caused the red 'STOP' on the dash to light up. I did a quick badly made video at the time on it, showing the radiator belching water and the exhaust chucking out white vapour.
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