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Hi Samuel!

I had exactly the same problem with my 306 XSi. You can't get into the door for easy access, all you can do is remove the decorative panelling. Underneath that panelling is nothing but foam covering holes that you can't use to fix the problem.

If you still want to get to there, I suggest you remove the handlebar (2 8mm nut and 1 10mm nut), the cover for the doorhandle (you can pull that off quite easily), and the bottom screw in the bottom compartiment. Everything else is snap-on, and can be easily remounted. Once you got the bottom part loose, you'll have to pull the doorlock switch on the inside off of it's steel rod (I haven't yet figured out how to do that properly). Then you can lift the interior out of the door. Note that there are some nasty cables at the bottom that can't be easily disconnected, if at all.

The problem with my speaker not working was that the wires inside the rubber thingy between the door and the car were broken. Check that first, since that's more accessible.

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