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Hi all
hope someone can help
i have owned a 2001 306 hdi estate for 2 years and its never skipped a beat but went out last night in it
fuel light come on so went to petrol station, approx 10 miles away
got out put diesel in, checked in garage definetely diesel
put £25 in, went to start it and nothing, didnt even fire. tried to turn over
anyone had same problem and how do i find out
today i have checked all fuses, i have not dropped key and tried spare key
also had pipes off at filter and nothing coming through
i had timing belt, service, water pump done about six months ago

had car in to have intank pump replaced, ran a dream for ten miles, then shut down.
mechanic took car into peugeot for diagnostic (90 plus vat) for them to tell me its an ecu fault or a wiring problem
they want £700 to replace ecu and it may not be that, then a further £4/500 to check wiring and then they cant guarantee it will run right.
Please help at my wits end, found some 2nd hand ecu's for £50ish but how do i get them programmed, manchester area and any idea how much
thanks for your help and time
peugeot dont seem to know what there doing.
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