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Hi all,

I’d really appreciate some thoughts on what might be going on with my 98 306 diesel, non-turbo, Lucas pump. Was running fine till I serviced it a couple of weeks ago, since when it’s been losing power under load and smoking like a train - intermittently. Starts on the button; idles smooth.

There’s a steep hill where I live. Sometimes it’s struggling to make it up in 2nd, plumes of diesel-stinking smoke pouring out the back - then next time it will be pulling away in third or even fourth, clean as a whistle. I was driving home today and on inclines I could feel the power blip out now and then under my foot, with an accompanying cloud of smoke, and then it would kick back in again. Almost like it was missing here and there under load. Always under load.

What do people think? Air supply? Injection trouble? And is the fact that I just changed the fuel filter just a co-incidence? I replaced the fuel filter again today just in case - no change.

And the other question -should I keep driving it while it’s misbehaving?

Thanks all.
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