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Have a peugeot 306 diesel (not turbo) 2002.

Had a problem with misfires at cold start, so had glow plugs changed. Problem seemed to go away for a couple of days, then returned.

Took to garage, discovered air flow in fuel, replaced pipe and air filter, no air now visable in pipe.

Had glow plugs tested, one not warming up as quickly as others, replaced that one.

Discovered problem on EGR valve (pipe was fractured) replaced pipe and whole EGR valve.

Been running redex through the engine to try to clean out any dirty fuel problems. Noticeable performance increase.

However, when I start the car from cold, I get misfires and lots of smoke from the exaughst.

Am thinking next port of call is injectors, or (hopefully not) Head Gasket problem.

Any ideas anyone?
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