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Yesterday I noticed that the battery light has started to glow whilst driving my 'S plate (99?) 306 diesel estate. It didn't seem to vary much with speed and continued to glow above 2500 rpm though possibly it was bit dimmer.
I got the sandpaper and grease out this lunchtime and cleaned up the battery and alternator terminals though they were already pretty clean - this didn't change the situation. However whilst I was playing around I did notice that the light goes off if the engine is quickly revved to 4000+rpm and let to drop back to idle (it's a diesel so it doesn't often get up there!). I checked the rotation of the motor and it's not slipping and the belt's clean/dry and nothing relevant seems loose.
I dug out my multimeter and started playing and found that whilst running the voltage across the battery is 12.3v (slowly dropping) and this doesn't change much at 2500rpm, however if taken to 4000+rpm and then back to idle this then rises to 14.34v and stays until turned off. I checked for any AC across the battery (nothing registering) and checked voltage drops between the battery, starter and alternator and everything looks sound (0.00v). However taking voltage drop measurements across the alternator I see:
ignition off - 13.10v
ignition on - 12.18v
engine idling - 8.40v
engine idling after revving to 4000+rpm - 0.005v
My gut feeling is that this could be sticky brushes - the brushes engaged ought to be a short, right? Are they replaceable on a 306?
I did see a thread on another forum (pertaining to a Peugeot) that suggested checking for heat around the ignition switch (ie high resistance) but the switch is cool and an overheating switch doesn't seem to fit.
Any ideas? Thanks in anticipation.
Paul T
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