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Hi All

Just bought a 306 estate with the DW8 unit as a stop gap car, I've a couple of questions;

I had a 206 with the same series engine and it developed crankcase back pressure as well as the hydraulic clutch slave cylinder failing at the same time, is it safe to assume that all the problem engines would have died by now?

I plan to give it a service with an engine and coolant flush, this will hopefully get rid of the brown coloured coolant currently in the system.

If this discoloured coolant returns, could this be a sign of the heater matrix collapsing or head gasket troubles starting?

Its only convered 127K and 7k in the last 3 years according to the MOT, at the service I was considering a Terra-clean as well, but i've heard mixed responses to this. do these engines respond well to the terra clean, or equivalent systems?.

I do find it a bit slow, having driven turbo diesels for the past 8 years, but then, having done an average of 2.35k per annum, to doing that in 6 weeks, could losen the bores a bit!

Any advice welcome, especially about common problems!


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