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3008h4 electrical engine failure

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3008 hybrid4 electrical engine failure

My lion just started to create me problems on my vacation. :rolleyes:Suddenly I had a message of warning (engine failure repair needed) and the electrical engine stopped working :nono:. I turned of the car and when turned on it still did not work. On diesel it works fine, no loose of power :thumb:. The selector stays on auto and sport but not on zev and 4x4, thus confirming it is a problem with the electrical engine :eek:. Its battery shows charging ok. I am wondering if it might happen an overcharging. Any ideas? (any Peugeot servicing company is far away...) Is it safe to drive only on diesel?
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You had any update. I have save peoblem as my Hybrid not working. Peugeot dealer says Battery traction needs reset. What does that mean ?
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