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I was at the official UK press preview of this, and it certainly looks very nice, with an interesting tech spec. Some clever anti-roll transverse linkage system and a 200bhp diesel hybrid to name but 2. A bit worrying that they seemed to think a high cabin spec equates to 'quality', when the Q word in the commercial sense is simply "fitness for the needs and requirements of the customer", but with an MBA what would I know?

The main likely problems would possibly be the price, which seems likely to be a little high for the rest of the market, much like the original 308, and the stupid name - we all implored them to drop the 'crossover' tag (after all, the 4007 isn't called the 'mudplugger' or the 'schoolrun', or the 407 the 'photocopiersalesman' is it?) but the executives that are overseeing an increasiningly small market share for the brand wouldn't listen to the people that actually buy their cars.

We never got to drive it then, although some initial pre launch drives have been very promising. A potentially very nice car, which if it sells will be inspite of, not due to, the marketing and planning of the muppets at Pinley House, who couldn't run a till at McDonalds and turn a profit. As a lifelong pug fan and a serial new pug buyer (with only one bad experience in 9 new or nearly new pugs) I despair at their ineptitiude.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts