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Hi all

I changed the front wheel bearings on my 2010 3008 1.6 hdi this afternoon.

Old bearings were becoming very noisy after 80,000 miles.

I removed the wheel hubs and took them to an engineering place to get the hub and old bearings pushed out and the new ones pressed in.

On returning home I built everything back together and went for a test run.

Everything was running smoothly until I went to turn and heard a low cracking noise coming from the hubs.

Put back in workshop and lifted front up to discover quite a bit of play in the hubs.

I tightened the the hub nuts again this time with a 3/4 drive socket bar and 4 foot length of piping!

I am still getting play in both hubs! Would definitely be an MOT failure if going for a test.

Have I done something wrong when refitting of could I have been given the wrong bearings?

I got the bearings from my local motor factors. They are Premier Bearings wheel bearing kit number PWK0532. Cost almost £30 each. They said they had cheaper bearings (£19 each) but I went for the more expensive ones as I was only planning on doing this job once!

The bearings were pressed completely into place and the new cir-clip fitted. magnetic side facing inwards to work with the ABS sensors.

Any help or advice appreciated!
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