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Hello all, had my 3008 since 2010, done 132,000 KM. I filled up with some slightly cheaper diesel the other day.
As soon as I got in the car and started her up the yellow warning came up on the dash and this is displayed "Particle filter additive level too low."

Peugeot dealer (Dublin) quotes 300 euro to put in 5 litres of additive and reset a counter.

a) Does this sound right ?
b) Any thoughts on whether it's the cheap diesel impacting here
c) Any idea what threshold the warning will come on at?

I'm looking to upgrade to the new 3008 later this year, so if I have 6 months of additive left (10,000 KM) then I'll live with the beep when I turn it on.

Thanks in advance,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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