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3008 MK2 Diesel Filter change

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Hey all,

I’m new to Peugeot and these forums. Just bought a 3008 mk2 2019 1.5hdi. Doing a service myself of just the standard items as i have done on previous cars. I’ve changed the oil filter, oil, air filter and cabin filter and now wanted to do the fuel filter as it still has the original one on it from 2019 And its done 50,000 miles now.

I’ve got a new fuel filter and located it on the car but having looked online for videos and successfully found them to assist me with the oil and other filters I can’t find anything for the diesel filter.

Wandered if anybody had ever changed one or come across any videos for it? It looks like there is a big Allen key to potentially just remove a cap then change the filter and screw it back in but wanted to try and get myself a bit of assistance in case there is anything special i need to do or be aware of and how to bleed it etc once replaced

Thanks in Advance
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Yeah that’s the one, i believe. I have bought just the filter bit at the bottom with the new washer and it looks like a big cap with a 19mm Allen key hole to remove then change the cartridge style filter and put it back on. Just wandered if anybody knew anymore that’s all.

Thanks for the reply.
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