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Hi all, I have 2020 3008 GT Line with Visiopark 1 (front and rear sensors and rear camera)
I bought from Peugeot here in Ibiza in January, it was an ex demo with 500km on the clock.
On the orginal paperwork of my quote it stated I had Visiopark 2 but upon reciept of the car I realised it was only VP1 , I have spoken with the gargage several times about this and advised I want VP2 as thats what I belived I was getting, they have fobbed me off for the last 2 months and advised it was a mistake on the paperwork.

I understand that this is an option when ordering a vehicle as it is fitted before leaving the factory but is it something that is really complicated to fit after sales?

Is it not just a case of fitting the front camera and running the wires to the headunit/camera interface

Does anybody know if this is possible?

Thanks in advance
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