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Hi all (posted this in the technical section as well, so apologies for the duplication - wasn't sure where to best post this),

A friend of mine has picked up her 3008 last week so I'll be posting some questions on her behalf. Hope that's ok.

So, she picked up her 2014 3008 1.6 HDi Allure last week. Nice car, nice drive, but there are a few minor concerns etc. that we hope we can put to rest. The car still has about 8 months manufacturers warranty and currently has approximately 18.5k miles.

1, There is a slight vibration from the clutch pedal when stationary, but in gear. To me, this is indicative of an underlying DMF fault, not due to wear and tear (too low a mileage for that) but possibly a defective part used at manufacturing? It's been back for this and we've been told that this is perfectly normal on these cars (master technician took it for a test drive). Is this normal? I'm not so convinced but not sure where to go from here.

2, Bluetooth. There is an unbearable echo when using the Bluetooth. Inside the car its good, but the caller to the phone connected to the car can hear themselves on their phone (as if the mic is picking up the callers voice and looping it back). Not sure if there are any settings to eliminate this or if relocating the mic will help (where is it located?), or is this a fault?

3, Spec. I've not found any definitive spec for the 2014 Allure model, but some sites list xenon lights as standard on this model as well as heated seats, but this has neither. Not too fussed about the seats (would be nice to have them I guess), but with the headlamps, I'm concerned if the equipment had been swapped out due to possible faults? Either that, or the panel fit from factory isn't perfect. Can't see any real signs of damage, but both the offside front and rear lights are slightly out of light with the rest of the bodywork (were told that it's probably because most jobs involve taking the front bumper off on these cars).

4, Seatbelt display. It's not a seven-seater, so why is the display showing a possible combination of seven lights for 7 seatbelts???

5, Something that annoys me personally and not really a problem, is the way the DRL switches off when indicating. Can these be set up to 'dim' rather than turn off when indicating?

6, Another lighting question, can the fog lamps be set up as cornering lamps (I think the xenons have follow the road light or something).

7, Final lighting question - any LED recommendations for the rear indicator, reversing, and fog lamp bulbs to match the led tail lamps?

That's all for now :D. Thank you in advance for any insights :thumb:
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