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Hi Everyone.

Just bought a 66 plate 208 GTI line with EAT6 transmission.
When parked up with engine idling and the gear lever in 'M' (manual) mode there is a very noticeable 'rattle' seems to come from the underfloor transmission area. The rattle goes away when the shift lever is moved to the Automatic position. The Peugeot dealer tells me that it is 'Normal' in other words they have tried other same equipped 208's and they also make the rattle noise. It's not me , this is a very audible and objectionable noise.
If you are old enough to remember the first Mini's (showing my age here) they has a 'Transfer Gear' rattle on idle, sounds like that. Looking at a schematic of the Aisin Warner transmission used on this car it does show a 'transfer' gear with what seems to be a large integral balance weight.
Wonder if this is a known problem to Peugeot but they wont admit it?
Can anyone throw any light on this please? Do you have this model and if so have you experienced this problem.
Any feedback much appreciated. Thank you.
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