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207cc water leaks

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I have a 207cc convertabile it's 16 months old that leaks. Has anyone else had the same problem? It started out as 1 leak and a large cracking noise on right hand side at the front of roof it has ended up with numerous leaks after the service dept tried to fix it.
In the 16 mths that I have had my car they have replaced the roof and new roof seals put on it twice, a new rear 1/4 glass and new window seals. They had to replace some of the trims due to incompetent techies that marked and stained the trim with black sealant.
The last time service had the car to fix the problems again they damaged the right hand side door which then had go to a smash repair to fix it.
Amongst that they had to replace the catalytic convertor
At present the car is with Peugeot Australia, they contacted me saying they had fixed the problem but after a water test it was still leaking, so they are having another go, yet again the car had to go back to a smash repair as they scratched the roof.
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