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Okay I’m at work at the moment I’ll take another look at the photo and find a switch to match the pins on yours 👍🏻
I'm so grateful - I contacted Bahuha - what a name - they asked for registration (LM09GZF) and confirmed the citreon 1 was no good - did not offer alternative - window still down despite quite a bit of time spent trying to raise it!!!!!!!
YES had problems with my windows down times they were working some times was refusing to go up !! Always were going down glen to outside electrician they were saying bsi or switch or or or or - went to the dealer fixed for 120$ nothing like dealer - they plug it to the computer code came up the moment windows stop working cos when I went and my windows were working there were no faults codes and it was corrosion on a earth-cable locates inside the boot lib!!

To the sides mine is 207 convertible but maybe u have earth cables back also

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Thanks for that, I've had a look in the boot and taken out some finishing panels and also the rear seat and back but can not see the earth cable? Do you have anymore info as to its location. Thanks very much
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