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Here is the best description of rear bumper removal that I can.....Describe!

Make sure you block the front wheels first off, with a wedge or bricks or any other chocking device,
Jack up the rear of the car and place on axel stands.

There are 2 retaining bolts under the bumper, have a feel around the spare tire drop and they are to the rear of that, or closest to
you not closest to the middle / centre of the car, again under the car there will be fastners - working from the edges inwards un-clip or
prise them out, remove the side trim pannels (there are located where the rear of the rear wheels are), at the arch liners also undo all fastning /
securing clips at both sides of the car.

Now your going to have to take out both rear light clusters which is easy, working inside the boot, pull back the liner carpet and unscrew the nut or
plastic wing nut to release the light clusters, keeping the loom slack and not pulling it too tight just unclip the bulb housing and let it hang -
bubble wrap is usefull to just wind round the exposed bulbs incase you knock them with the bumper on removal.

At each side of the car pull out the wing areas (sides of bumper that wrap around the car sides), there will be additional clips here just pull away,
with a matt or carpet down simple pull the bumber away from the car, dont be surprised to feel resistance or hear some additional unclipping.

If you have any lighting fitted to your bumber its self you will need to disconnect (from the connector blocks) any wiring to get the bumper free.

And.. Thats all there is to it, 2 bolt fixings, securing clips and clips around the wheel liners.

Hopw that helps and try to stay clear of using long screw drivers for torque or leverage to pry things apart, plastic scratches and
screw drivers have a tendancy to slip.

Good luck. ;)
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