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Hi there folks,

Long story short, Mother has a 207CC 2007 plate, not my cup of tea (too small for me to fit into!) but she has had it from new.

Car has about 50K on it and has always been serviced yearly with good quality oil to the recommended specs (not on mileage based services).

Going back a couple of years engine light started coming on, erratic driving and idle, mostly when cold. Sporadic, perhaps once a month.

Last year had CAT, Lambda Sensor (possibly both) replaced along with (she thinks) one of the cam position sensors.

This cured it for a while but you guessed it, light back on in a short time. Garage doesn't really want to know about it.

So, I have managed to spend some time on PP2000 and these were the current faults

Inlet Camshaft dephasing Coherence
catalytic converter aging Loss of effectiveness

These are what's normally current when I clear the codes.

Iv'e been through all of the realtime values and everything looks within the suggested values, except for two items.

status of the coherence between the inlet camshaft and crankshaft positions - not coherent
status of the coherence between the exhaust camshaft and crankshaft positions - not coherent

Engine was warm (mid range) on both water an oil temps, at idle without aircon on.

Ive done as mush reading around on this as I can, checked things like the operation of the actuators on the cams (can hear them working). Checked filters in dephasing/vti solenoids (clean). cleaned both camshaft sensors (were clean)

My current thoughts are that perhaps cam chain wear?

Anybody had similar issues or, from the info posted above, can suggest something I can look at further to diagnose the issue or perhaps the potential cause of these faults?

Thanks in Advance


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sounds chain to me, i went through all the same as you on the daughters. can have three problems that side, a stretched chain, a weak tensioner or a broken guide rail.
we had a broken guide rail and weak tensioner, problem with the guide is it breaks low down so you cant see it until its taken out.

codes were often cam position sometimes misfires etc, never had a problem since i swapped the chain.
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