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I own a Peugeot 207 2010 with 1.4 petrol in Portugal, with about 72000km.

Recently, while turning on the car, got a alarm of ‘anti-polution system malfunction’’. Curious, used an odb scanner and got PAA11 error - googled and found this forum!

Opened the hood and, surprise, found a missing plastic cover. Put the ‘pin’ in place to seal the chamber and used adhesive tape to fix it.
Reset the error and is working fine!

Went to a dealer that said they sell just the whole plastic cover (0248 Q5)!

And off course, is quite cheap......just 300E$!

Any idea how/why I lost the cover?

Any tip to find this cover?

Is that bad to run around with just adhesive tape?

Thanks in advance!



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