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My Mrs. has had her 2010 207 xt auto 1.6 since new and her 3rd one. 37,000 miles

There are no fault codes or engine light showing for this.

The latest fault is when you are going up a hill under load it thuds and bangs like it is shifting back a gear as if the auto is faulty. I've taken it to a transmission place and he says nothing wrong with the auto. The rpm doesn't change when it thuds and shudders.

When I remove then replace the battery the car runs fine for a few days and then slowly goes back to it's usual ways, mechanic says too hard to find the fault and too expensive to start changing everything.

The car has had all of the usual problems,
temperature gauge off the scale, replaced with the 2 sensor version
power steering turning off going around corners (this was during rain and went away by itself)
alternator died
Drivers Door fell off
there are other things that I try not to remember.

Could this be a computer issue?
there was water on the big two wire plug in the abs module thing, not sure what the plug is for, cleaned all of the pins with contact cleaner, no signs of corrosion, cleaned the battery terminals.

what do you guys think?

she told me today that this has happened to the last pug that she had as well....... she should be an expert by now.

can't find any similar threads
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