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Hello people, I'm opening a new thread in order to find some info on things no one is willing to provide me at the dealership. Sorry ahead for the long post, I hope someone is going to read it. :D
The car I own is a 2010, THP, 156ps. It has covered 140k km so far.

*First off, oil, of course. What type is recommended?? I am using total 9000 5w40, since the consumption drops to 1l per 2000km. I've tried 5w30, but it jumps up to 1l per 1000km.
I don't mind adding oil, just curious, in order to prevent any future failures... There is occasional hick ups (misfire? timing? fuel pump?), but no faulty codes and no white ish smoke. I do see some oil residue (leak?) on the engine plastic covers! Mainly around spark plug holes and oil cap.
Is there something to be done about it? All I got at the mechanics is silence...

*Cooler replacement interval. I just had it changed, I believe, for the fist time. When should I do it again?

*Brake fluid replacement interval, as I am aware, it has never been done before.

*Clutch life? I've been having some strange experience, a squeaky, kind a metallic sound, especially while reversing uphill.

*Timing chain replace intervals? I think its a bit sad to call it an interval, but after all comments I found...... I had it changed 10k km ago, a very strange, rattling sound occurred.

*Spark plugs change interval. Car went to safe mode exactly after 30k km after the last change.

Other faults I've had: servo melted last summer, radio antenna has no reception outa town, radiator seems to be dissolving, air con refrigerant is leaking, temperature sensor got replaced, exhaust rusted away and got replaced. Anything else to keep an eye onto?
I really love the car, its agile and fun to drive, very fast! I just, sometimes, want to dumb it in the river cuz all of the problems mentioned above.
Thanks ahead, alot! :bow:
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