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I have the 2010 207 Sport model 1.6 Diesel. 60K miles. Full service history but not all of it with Peugeot. Yesterday the power steering packed in (2 days after passing MOT) - the fault light flashed on and it become stiff to turn.

Have read some other posts I've booked it in for diagnostics with Peugeot which will be done next week. Amazingly some people have had the costs covered by Peugeot even outside of warranty due to it being a possible common problem. However, I doubt this is applicable 6 years down the line?

Just trying to anticipate potential costs and whether I should start looking for a new car / fix and sell, or stick with it. Any recommendations?

Service team suggested the rack would be 1.5K but they offer a good will gesture. Why would they state this without even looking at the car if it's not a common problem.
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