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I came here to look for more information on the new 207 GTi , but to my surprise i haven't found any.

Anyway i thought it would be nice to share the information i have with you.

The new 207 GTi ( most probably will be called 207 RC in France ) shares the same engine with the Mini Cooper S .

The engine is a 1.6 turbo charged direct injection producing 175 bhp and and was developed by Peugeot and BMW.

I am interested in this car but i am concerned about the weight as the 207 weighs 1300 kilos which is around 45% more than my old 205 1.9 GTi :eek: , but peugeot promises to bring back the glory days of the 205 GTi with this car.

The car should be launched officially for the first time at the Geneva motor show next march.
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