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Attempting to retro fit genuine tire under inflation module to a standard 207cc

Parts so far:
PP200 & dongle
under inflation module: 9664177280
4 tire sensors fitted inside the rims
RF receiver (quantity unknown ATM maybe 1 or 2 or 4 ) - if anyone knows please let me know.

Able to activate it in PP2000
Parts are fairly cheap and available

So on first glance the loom for the RF module is missing it goes to the main harness along the ABS loom

I'll check soon inside the vehicle where the ECU Module is fitted for a plug pre-existing on the car and let you guys know.
If this main plug going to the ECU is missing. I guess I'll abort this project for no.
Fingers crossed back soon!

If anyone has done this or knows any info for genuine fitting only please comment & Pictures would help heaps, thanks in advance.

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OK so the first attempt FAILED.
Unfortunately I am unable to complete this task ;0-(
I looked at a couple of different Cars that don't have this function fitted, and both are the same.

The main reason is:
Inside & outside, the car's the looms are different, and missing the wires.
Inside, I cannot find the main loom that connects the ECU for the tyre module.
Outside, there are no wires coming from the main loom along with the front LH & RH wheel ABS wires for the RF receivers.

Ok so this is going to be a big deal to fit, and needs some serious wiring, i'll
try and get a donor car to locate & copy the looms and keep this link posted.

It won't be a simple Plug and play, or maybe not doable, anyone had any luck with this please let me know.
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