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207 missing coolant and oil!!!!

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First time post so go easy
Iv had a 11 play 207 for 6 months
1 week out of the warranty and now a problem

there has always been a faint burning oil smell, and the fan will run for a minute or so after the engine is off

today it started to struggle, stop warning light came on

Iv had a look under the hood, the coolant is complete empty and the oil!!
Slight bit of oil on the right left side of engine at the top

I topped the coolant up to just get it home (3 minute drive) and it was empty again

When I turn it on it’s very very loud and clunky
Engine seems to be moving more then normal and the fan seems to be working over time

any ideas, I’m very nervious as never been to a garage and don’t want to get ripped of

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Head gasket would be the best case that matches the issue, assuming there isn't anything else leaking.

Where is the oil going ?
First check the oil: post picture of dipstick if you are not clear how to read it. If low top up oil ideally with the correct grade but if you cannot get that any engine oil is better than none.

water. Top to full mark on coolant bottle.

now look under car to see where water and oil are leaking from
As to garage. Ask your friends who they use and trust. Generally stay away from the national tyre chains- they are good for tyres but that’s it
Sounds like head gasket. That sucks man but if you can prove somehow that the issue was there prior to the end of warranty you could still get it repaired under warranty.

If you run the engine for a few mins, let it cool for 10-15 mins and then pop the oil fill cap off, is there like a creamy residue on the underside of the cap? That is the number one sign of a head gasket issue. If your exhaust comes out blue (I think it's blue, might be white but either way you'll notice a difference because you shouldn't even see exhaust fumes in the summer) then that could also indicate a HG issue.

Do you have any leaks under the car? Anything dripping or pools of liquid in the undertray (these will spill out during a drive, so look for water marks on the bottom of the undertray)?

The fans are going because the car doesn't have enough coolant by the end of the drive. So that coolant is going somewhere, just gotta figure out where.
Bit of a update
Iv topped the oil etc up
Turned it on the engine is fairly shakey back and forth and has a very loud ticking kind of sound

when put into gear and start to move it kind of gives up

fan still really loud

slight smell of fuel near the engine

when I take the oil fill cap of it has a bit of a white smoke, this is after maybe 2 minutes of running
Sounds bad news: head gasket possibly oil starvation too…..

sadly I think this will be expensive
What’s the cost of a head gasket
Been looking online and I’m seeing around £600ish

it’s booked in for Tuesday so I’ll update everyone of the outcome
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