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So a few days ago I had to swerve to avoid a bloody fox!

In doing so the car collided with what must if been a double high kerb.

It has cracked the sump and spilt the oil everywhere, it also put the airbag light on and cut the engine out, and wouldn't restart (only tried for a moment because of the oil situation)

No airbags deployed (great eh?) but I could smell the explosive charge so I assume it tried to deploy at least one.

So questions.

Are all 207 hdi sumps 1.4 and 1.6 the same? (Or all hdi sumps for that matter)

And second of all, what will be needed to reset the airbag light and hopefully get the vehicle to start?

I understand there is no manual press inertia switch like the 206 bur there is a type of internal inertia accident log thing that kicks in once it detects a collision and stops the fuel pump priming?

Is this a case of just resetting this or will I need to replace the whole airbag etc?

I don't want to drop loads and loads of cash on this vehicle as it isn't ulez compliant which is a pain, but I would like it operational for at least rhr last few months before that is set to kick off.

I have pp2000 But I haven't had a chance to even examine the codes, as soon as I do I'll updste but just want to get a head start with the sump first

Thanks 馃憤

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You'll probably need to send your airbag ECU off to have the crash data reset. Plenty of services advertise on ebay for around 拢25.

Planet or Diagbox can't do it.

But I've never heard of it preventing the car from starting.
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