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Hi all,

Sitting with a problem with this car.
De-DPF was done, and software for the car with De-DPF in the Software.

Them moment the car was started, EML light was present and car is in "Limp Mode" not revving past 3000rpm, and no Boost. Turbo is fine.

After numerous trips to guys claiming to do Peugeot Diagnostics and coding the following is the result:

The Injector Configuration is done through Peugeot Planet, coding injectors from Driver`s side to passenger side (Right Hand drive vehicle, coding from far end towards battery)

Once the configuration is saved, PP saves config as success. Clear the : "Injector Configuration Not carried out or incorrect P1613" Fault.

The car drives fine, no EML light, boost is there, revs over 3000rpm.

The moment we switch the car off, and start it again, fault is present, EML Light on, and car is back into Limp Mode.
This is the same with the stock map, or the modified map on the vehicle which has the DPF_Off in the file. Same results when coding the injectors.

Does anyone have any reccomendations or experienced any similar symptoms with Injector Configuration?

Any advice, experience or imput will be appreciated!
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