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HI folks,

I am brand new to the forum.

I’ve currently got a 207 gti (THP 175) which I am in the process of converting to track car having recently sold my 106 gti track car.

To date it’s had uprated intercooler and pipework
Lowered on apex springs (for now)
Uprated Mtec discs and Jurid pads
Change of brake fluid to dot 5
Braded brake lines
Pipercross panel filter

I think that’s everything for now. I’ve done this all myself and tried to keep costs low.

However I now need some assistance as I am hitting a problem.

The car has developed a horrible stutter between 1.5-2.5k revs and the idle is as lumpy as my porridge.

It pulls like a train once you get past these low revs, but otherwise its jerky to the point of almost undriveable.
When sat at idle, its hunting. Sometimes drops and sounds like its about to stall, then catches and levels.

I have recently replaced all 4 coils
All spark plugs
Knock sensor
Recirc valve
New battery
Lambda sensor (precat)
New turbo with wastegate actuator. This was fitted by garage with new gaskets for the manifold (issue occurred prior to this).

I have now ordered the VVT solenoid.

I am at a bit of a loss where to go from here.
The tuning garage think I should do a full oil and filter change as apparently the timing unit is very sensitive to dirty oil.
I will hasten to add, I have probably not been as diligent as I should be with oil changes, i.e. I haven’t done one in about a year.

Whilst very bad practice I know, would bad oil really cause these issues?

Can someone please help me.

Oh and there is no rattle on the timing chain from cold, it’s a 58 model so I believe they have slightly improved tensioner/guides?
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