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I recently had a valve repair done on my GTI and after I went to collect it from the mechanic I drove for less than 2miles then the turbo dripped water from the copper seals and the controll thermostat showed error code and the inlet camshaft dephase code came up and the car started to hesitate on heavy throttle load, the car also started to make a tapping and rattling sound that came from the camshaft and timing chain, After I stoped, I was concerned about the rattle that came from the cams and timing belt. I opened the sump and checked the oil pump it was full of debree and the VVT solenoid as well, I also noticed the mechanics did not do a oil change with a engine flush as well, the rattle went away for a day and started coming back this time being worst. I opened the tappet cover to find the Journal 1 and 2 has a small gap between the shaft and the journal it looks like the engine starved from the oilpump and solenoid that was blocked but it also looks like the cam is pulling to the top side as the chain is pulling it.
Please can I get advise to whether the mechanic followed the standard procedures to replace the valve becuase there was abselutely nothing wrong with any parts except the valve that was replaced on cylinder 1.

What I know is he did not change or replace oil and oil filter, he did not check the solenoid nor oil pump. I showed him this but he replied its from starvation but denies that its his fault


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