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My car developed waht appears to be a common fault with a warning popping up on the dash to say ESP / ESR? Fault. This is well documented on Google :lol:

Anyway, my local indie read the codes and advised the ABS/ESP pump had an internal fault and needed replacement / reconditioning.

Lots of companies offer the recon service but being impatient I couldn't wait to send it away and NO ONE had an exchange unit to suit my car :(

So - Ebay is your friend!! I managed to stick my phone in past the NS wheel arch liner and get a picture of the pump - especially the label on the black cylindrical housing (the pump). This clearly states ESP as opposed to ABS. If the car isn't equipped with ESP then it will just say ABS and is much more easily available.

Eventually I found an ESP pump with the correct part number!! Hurrah!! Be very careful, there are plenty of breakers advertising ABS pumps as ESP pumps but unless it says ESP on the label then I believe it is just an ABS pump.

If you just fit the entire unit you'll need diagnostics to get the new unit to talk to the main ECU but.....

If you undo the two screws that hold the black cylindrical body on (I found mole grips were excellent!!) you can seperate the alloy body from the electronics and swap the new mechanics onto your existing electronics (take care not to dislodge the black cylinder and clean EVERYTHING uber well first!!). Once you've done this refit it and hey presto the fault has gone!

Now though you've got to bleed the system!!! Either using a bleed kit or the old fashioned pumping method are both fine but you'll not get all the air out - the ESP and ABS system needs to be activated. Raising the front wheels and 'driving' the car helps as the ESP system kicks in but my pedal was still soft.

Whilst I would never advocate daftness I took the car for a tootle down the road whereby both the ESP and the ABS had reason to kick in - abracadabra my pedal returned to normal and my brakes are fixed!!

I'm sure this could be replocated in the workshop but........!!!!

So, now I'm going to send off my orignal mechanics with the 'new' electronics and get it reconditioned (£165). The secondhand unit I bought off Ebay was £120 so if I just stopped at that then I'd say it was a fairly cheap fix compared to what it could have been - plus my car wasn't off the road for a week while I waited for carriers to do their thing!!!

Good luck to anyone needing to sort this fault but the average DIYer can sort this!!
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