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Hi all...

The mrs picked up a 2010 207 cc 50k on the clock the other week from a private seller and a few issues have cropped up..

Getting the dreaded TPMS warning on the dash, saying the system is not monitoring or up on the valves.. is it possible to find out which one is at fault if not all of them?

Seatbelt and or airbag pre tensioner warning comes up now and again..

Also is there anyway to reset the ECU without disconnecting the battery (usually call this the keep alive memory) so that it has to relearn as it seems a little sluggish for what it is, may have been driven by miss daisy before we got it.. seems to have no power band in the rev range at all.. is this normal? I used to have a 1.6 focus and that had some pull in the mid range in low gear where the pug seems to have nothing at all.. drives ok though..

look forward to your replies

KR Dan
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