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i have recently purchased a 207 with auto box. it is a lovely car and drives very well;

i have had the car 3 weeks and was purchased from a garage which has provided a 3 month warrenty.

over the last 2 weeks i have a strange fault with the gearbox and hope someone has an idea what it may be before i take it back to the garage i bought it from.

when first using the car for the day, regardless as to if it is morning or afternoon etc, and before the car has reached normal running temp, ( whether that has any bearing in the problem ), the bell rings and the triangle pops up, with the engine logo lit ( not flashing ); on the bottom left of the dashboard. the car makes a sudden jolt; the revs rise , and the window that is displaying the drive details, ie park, drive, etc also shows the sport mode and the snow mode icons flashing.

the sport mode has certainly been entered without me selecting it and i assume also the snow mode ??

on checking the log it simply displays the message ( gearbox fault ).

if i switch the ignition off and restart the car, the sport and snow mode icons dont come on ant all is back to normal.

the car drives fine and it never repeats the problem again that day regardless as how many times the car is used.

it seems to happen every couple of days but always shortly after the car has been started for the first time.!!

as i say i do have a short warrenty on the vehicle, but before i take it back, it would be handy to know what the probable causes could be; before the garage gives me there verdict.

any suggestions will be of great help

bob c
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