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Hi, i'm hoping someone can help
i have a 207 sw 1.4 petrol 2008 manual

I've had it 3 years and is only normally used for local journeys and has been fine. over the last few days i have had to do 2 long motorway journeys and i noticed when i came off the motorway that when i came to the junction and went to pull away there was like a 'slap' and i could tell the engine revs dropped but picked up again straight away but it happened at every junction when pulling away since.

regular serviced and everything else working fine, no loss of power and doesn't feel like its misfiring when going through the gears or at speed.

got home checked the oil/water all ok but one thing i did notice was that i could simulate the dip in revs as i removed the oil filler cap to listen for any unusual noises and when i put it back on the engine momentarily dipped exactly like when pulling away. this leads me to think an air issue?
there are no fault codes
any help would be appreciated
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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