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Hi Guys

After some advice with the DMF on my 2008 207 1.6HDi 110.
Car is a 2008 HDi GT with 75K on the clock.

I suspect the DMF is on it's way out as in 1st and reverse gears it's juddering badly when letting out the clutch and when starting the car i'm getting a terrible rattling noise on startup. Apart from those symptoms all is ok when changing gears 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5 etc with no judder present.

Just been looking on how much to replace it and getting concerned as it's looking quite labour intensive and as such expensive at the garage/dealer.

My questions are:

Is a DMF and clutch replacement something someone has done at home as I'm reasonably handy and thinking of DIY fitting?

Are there any special tools needed to do the work myself?

Has anyone done one and what are the possible issues?

Anyone seen a guide on how to get the box out?

Also what would you guys buy, genuine Pug parts or Valeo / pattern parts?

Thanks in advance, Chris
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