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Hello Everyone,

Recently my 1.4s 207 (95ps) developed a knocking sound which is consistent with a Cambelt or fan belt problem (knocking speeds up with accelaration/rev increase). However the fanbelt recently snapped (was replaced, new pulleys and tensioner replace) and last year (before I bought the car) the Cambelt went and the engine had to be fixed in full (£1500 work on a car I only paid £2000 for).

I noticed that the oil and coolant are low and have topped these up, the issue is it doesn't seem to appear unless I've really got the engine heated up (for example, driving round London no issues but if I've been on the motorway for half hour it kicks in). It also appears to get louder the longer I've been driving in one go and strangely it goes when I either depress the clutch or rev it quite heard beyond 3000rpm.

I've seen a few queries to something similar but they remain unanswered.

Any ideas anyone? At the moment its not happening, the biggest issue I have is that the car is used weekly for like 30mins at a time at most!


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