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Hi, I'm wzos, shortened version of my surname, and newly registered, although I've been visiting for a couple of years.
I've found and used some good information and tips, so thanks for that.

I have just changed the clutch on my 2007 207 1.4 HDi
I am now in the process of fitting everything back, but I have a cable plug I cannot identify.
It dangles just in front of the fuel filter, next to the ECU.
It is coloured orange all over, unlike most plugs that are only coloured at the tip.
It has 3 pins Red-green-blue and comes from (or goes to ? ) the large round socket to the left of the fuel filter. (viewed from the front )
I've posted an image at - View image: DSCF0890
The image is large,so I hope this is the way to do it- I apologise if not.

Thanks you reading and mamy more for a solution.
Regards Peter
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