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My trusty 207 is now on 95000 miles. Lately a warning light has been flashing with the message 'particulate filter may be at risk of clogging'. This is only intermittent and more likely to show at the start of the week. I have a 60 mile round trip commute mon-fri and tend not to drive much at weekends.
The garage looked at this a month ago, and carried out a regen to clear high ash level which was at 98% & all was ok at time of testing. This cost £114.
Shortly afterwards the same warning light is showing again, albeit intermittently. I took it back to the garage and they found 97% ash recommended the particle filter needs replacement also additive level was at 25% -advised DPF is replaced - and I have been given an estimated quote of £1237.96.
I am now considering whether to just get a new car but would like any advice on whether there could anything else less expensive that could be done to fix this rather than needing a whole new DPF.
Many thanks
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