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Hey there
Ive had a ‘03 206sw 1.4hdi since february and i absolutely love the car, however my patience is at an end with the speedo.
30% of the time it works fine and the other 70 not at all, however ive noticed when the speedo cuts out, the turbo kicks in and stays on then when the speedo works again the car goes back to normal and the turbo goes back to normal.
Rarely when the speedo cuts out the airbag warning light will come on and stay on and doesnt go off until i turn the car off for at least half an hour. The temperature gauge also fluctuates massively staying in the red for a couple of minutes and then settles back at 70-90 however the car is topped up and good with fluids.
Ive taken it to my friends dad who works at a local garage to hook up to the scanner and it came up with
p1042 vehicle speed information not determined
P106f passenger airbag deactivated not defined

If anybody has any ideas id be grateful
P.s theres no issue with abs or handbrake lights, only the speedo on/turbo normal speedo off/turbo on
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