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Hi y'all!
I'm new here so please be patient with me. I read a lot here but can't find a solution - please, any help will be appreciated!
OK - so I'm sure it's a small thing with me, but it drives me nuts:
The roof used to work great. Sometimes it would not, and make beeps, so I used to go out, bang the trunk a bit and it would work - I guessed bad contact in a switch.
Decided to check switches: saw that the switch on the left side, front part of the trunk - next to the shelf (I guess it's called a load switch or something) was part broken (switch-arm flew as I tried touching it) and guessed here is the switch to blame. That was a couple of months ago.
Since then I hardly drove the car (it was beeping the whole time...) But opened and closed the roof manually several times.
Now finally the problem: wanted to take care of business now. Since I don't have the original switch and connector (a green connector), I managed to buy a switch that looks the same, I cut the cable near the connector, and connected the old connector to the new switch (made a connected "new"cable). Put the switch back in place.
Of course, trying to move the roof: not working, just beeps (also no sound from the 2 side latches on the front columns).
So, what I noticed is that the 2 side latches in the trunk (the trunk-lid, that covers the roof when it's folded) are not closed till the end! Means: I tried closing them, banging them, no use - not locked (this white "tongue" that suppose to love and close the latch is not moving). I suspect this is my problem (except when you tell me that what I did with the switch is wrong...) - not being locked and the switches tell the ecu the trunk is opened. I tried with hydraulic valve closed and with valve open - same result: it's like this lid won't go down.

Can you please help me? What am I doing here wrong?
Is there a special way to close these latches?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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