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Have to replace the windscreen washer jet in my wife's 2002 206 1.4i. They have gummed up and don't seem to want to respond to needles and such so the easiest way is just to replace the pair. I want to do the under bonnet sections of the tubing too as it gets stiff and brittle at this age and is sometimes difficult to refit or the joint can end up leaky.

Anyone have an idea of whether the "single mist spray" type as fitted on my 206 GTi are a direct replacement for the "twin round jet" type fitted to my wife's? One thing I notice is that the locating clip tongue on the jet seems to be on the side rather than front to back but if the bonnet hole is simply square I suppose it wouldn't matter.

The tubing on the GTi has "035 03" moulded into it down its length. Can you advise as to whether this means it is 3mm and is this standard for all models?
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