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206 Track Rod Removal - Steering Rack End

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Hi all, new to this, having a bit of a problem removing the track rod from the steering rack end on a 206 1.1lx, ideally just need to change the rod end but its extremelly bent and got no chance.

Somehow i dont see a way of removing it from the steering rack, i understand tht the ball joint is part of the TR.

Any help is much appreciated


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Hi - and welcome!

The track rod ends are standard stuff on the 206.

They screw on, plus a locking nut.

I would give them a good soak overnight with WD40, then if that does not work, try some heat.

I am assuming you have a couple of healthy spanners on them? They can often need a fair bit of force to separate.

You mentioned bent? I assume its the rod emerging from the rack (think Peugeot call that the steering stud by the looks of the parts diagram) that is bent (what usually happens) or is it the track rod end? As the track rod end is cast, I dont think it would bend much!

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Have a look at the attached.

This may not be your exact model as I dont have your VIN to check.



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so ive just bought a 2004car and steering is pulling to the left
I need to check arms. any idea how many threads are shown so I can replace mine and get somewhere near
just to stop from pulling. leaner car so sure it was hit on curb as wheel trims are damaged
thank you
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