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Hi, i bought a used 98 peugeot 206 Lx the other day and all was fine until last night when the stop light kept flashing on and off. I had only been driving the car about 20p0 yards, then it stopped. But on my return journey the light started to flash again, i was 2 mins away from home so kept going. When i got home i noticed smoke coming from under the bonnet but because it was dark i couldnt see where it was coming from.

This morning i have noticed a trail of oil where i had driven onto my drive and their is a big patch of oil under the car where the front of the engine is. The water level is fine so i know im not losing water so the only thing it can be is oil.

I have no idea where it is coming from or what the problem might be. does anyone have any ideas? I have called out the homestart who will probably just take it to a garage.

Im annoyed because i have only had the car for 3 days, i paid for 3 new tyres and the tracking and now this :(

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