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I have a 206 1.6 2000 model.

Doors will not lock with the key. I also tried closing it manually using drivers side. I also tried sitting inside and pressing down locks on driver and passenger doors. Sometimes only that door locks alone, sometimes all doors lock and then bounce back up instantly.

Recently my key also stopped working. I pressed the button and it had a red blink every time. I thought battery needed changing so I did. Now after changing, the key won't lock the door (even though the lock used to bounce back up anyway).

Any help would be appreciated like what I need to replace or how to diagnose or fix etc. Thank you.

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Usually if there is a fault of some kind on any door (including rear), the central locking (all operate together) will lock then jump back open again. I had this on another French car, I think it was just one of the other doors was in need of exercise. Basically operate each door a lot to try and get the mechanism freely working (key and that pull tab thing). A squirt of WD40 in the mech can help too.

As for the keyfob RF link central locking, try the basic routine, key in, ignition on, press key lock button for 10 sec etc.

However I still ain't got mine sorted yet, so this could be a real head-scratcher.(puzzle)

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I don’t have access to a Peugeot 206 if you do get stuck please post photos so that I can help you.
You lock has two parts, your key lock in the door handle & the locking mechanism which is situated on the side of the door.

If your key doesn’t go into the lock or it won’t turn

First do a visual inspection of the keyhole cover to make sure nobody has tried to break into your car.
If you can’t see any signs of anybody trying to break into the lock, & you don’t have access to picks,
Take a thin piece of wire, with a long nose bend a hook on the end. (between 45° & 90°)
Scratch inside the lock to make sure there are on foreign objects inside
Take a can of WD40 with the tube attached to it, put the tube inside the lock & spray inside the lock.
Rake the wafers or pins inside the lock a few times with the piece of wire then insert the key to see if it works.
If the key turns but the door still won’t lock the next thing to check is the locking mechanism.
To do this you need to remove the door panel to get to the lock.
Mark the position of the lock before loosening any bolt.
If you can take a photo of it before removing it,
You will find two or three steel rods attached to the lock.
One leading to the inside door handle, one to the outside door handle & one leading to the knob on top of the door that you lock the door from on the inside.
These rods are usually fastened with a plastic clip.
Pry the clip away from the rod & remove the rod from the locking mechanism.
On the outside of the door you will find two screws, remove these screws & remove the locking mechanism.
There is normally a screw holding the two outside place together, remove it.
The working parts normally have grease smeared on them. Over time this grease gets hard making the lock difficult to operate.
I usually wash this grease of with thinners but make sure you wash the thinner off the lock before you put it back.
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