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Hi all,
I'm a noob to this forum so please bear with me.
I bought a 2000 1.4 206 about four months ago and in all fairness its been absolutely perfect, Till today! This morning the car started normally but when first gear was selected and I tried to pull away, the gear lever was just pushed back into neutral. At first I thought it was just me cos on the second attempt all was fine. During my journey the problem really start to get worse to the point where I was having trouble changing between 1-2. 2-3 or back down the gears. The gearbox itself sounds normal but the gear lever feels tight and very notchy as though its fouling on something.
Now for the $64M questions, is this a known problem? and is it likely on being terminal? Shame really cos it was a lovely car to drive.
Any help or advice all you experts can offer will be gratefully appreciated.
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