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I've a 206 1.1i, but - as i'm finding out, there really are too many sensors that can go faulty :nono:

I can say with a bit of certainty that it is not the coilpack. the 1.4 &1.1 is the same as the 106, and faults usually happen at the high-end of the revs with an obvious missfire that ends up with a very wobbly engine. Best get this sorted as soon as it's discovered - as mine sent a high voltage spike back to the ECU and blew it's brains out :mad:

The simplest check of all is to count your MPG.
With the 206 - wait untill you get a low fuel light - then press the trip counter to zero it. - go fill up exactly 10 litres. When you get the low fuel light again, note what's on the trip.
You will get at least 16 miles without running out of fuel with a fuel light on, so don't worry too much.
You should be getting more than 10 mpL - more like 30.

It really sounds like the engine is running rich (sooty plugs) - which will eventually block the cat.
This is usually because the engine is running in "open loop" control - and runs like it's on full choke. It will behave fine untill warm - then start acting up with poor MPG.
Any one of around 6 sensors can be faulty to cause this. Most can be checked with a meter.
Word of warning about checking the O2 sensor - 4 wires - 2 are a heater, the other 2 only PRODUCE around 1v - DO NOT USE OHMS SCALE TO CHECK IT - you'll break it. - research on the net how to check it.

Other reasons are a faulty MAP sensor (manifold air pressure), or a good old fashioned air leak in hoses. chack also air temp sensor.

You may have to resort to a dealer - plug-in to identify the fault.
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