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206 Indicator relay replacement.

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Peugeot in their wisdom decided to make the indicator relays a "sealed for life" by putting them inside a sealed unit.

This means if you get the "sticky indicator" which is a known fault on 206's, you have to buy a whole unit costing £200.

However, as a last ditch method, a repair is possible costing a mere £4.00.

All credit must go to the pioneer of this method -
www.deruiter.JP and is posted on the web as a fix.

The relay board /BSI is located behind the drivers side fuseboard, and is removed via a torx screw and a clip.
Undo clip, screw and all connectors, and it can be removed -

If you have an antistatic mat and a soldering iron - use them.

Open the clips and you can see the base of the relays - there are 2 of them.

If access is difficult, cut through the outer plastic with a dremel cutter or use the soldering iron to cut an access "door" - you can use foil tape to cover it if you really want to - but it's going to be hidden anyway.

Unsolder al relay pins, leaving those indicated to last .
This is the replacement -

The Relay is FBR51ND10-N (51ND10-N) From Fujitsu

The footprint of the relay is unusual - most are 12mm pitch. This one is 10mm pitch :mad:

It is still available from retailers in the US and Ebay if you're lucky.

Many thanks to JP for posting this. Here is the original website -
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Just did this myself today as indicators were sticky when car was warm.

Time -
Take out assembly/ unplug - 3 Minutes
Remove old relays / unclip then unsolder - 15 minutes
Replace with new - 5 minutes
Refit - 5 minutes.

So all in a nice afternoon job of about 1/2 hour.

Tricky part was unsoldering as you need at least a 25W iron, good solder-sucker and some fluxed desoldering wick.
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Hey Im having a problem with my headlights as there draining power from the car stopping it from starting up, iv been told to check the relays. Is there one in here I should check ? Any diagrams anywhere?
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