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hi wonderd if anyone can help me
got a 206 hdi been cutting out going into low gears sometimes, usaully starts again but today it cut out and would not restart been doin this before so i changed the fuel filter and thought i had cured it been fine for 3 weeks not missed a beat!!!! but today was different it done its cutting out thing,started cut out,started cut out then i started it it turned over fine fired up but would not rev up at all even full throttle the engine rpm never even moved......
left an hour got back in and seems ok .... weird!!!!!!
can not get it plugged in till weekend wondered if anyone else has suffered this! reading post on hear it sounds like a bit of a problem these cars just cutting out leaving you with no p/stering and no assisted brakes sounds like its a problem with the petrol and the deisel any help or pointers would be appreicated
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