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It's not me - or the kids honest :D

The problem is apparent if you lift the back seat - and see rust on the fuel tank access cover, water, or the sponge seat is damp underneath.

This is pure and simple bad design.

Lifting the tailgate in rain leads to a torrent of water entering the boot area as it runs off the tailgate, misses the rubber seal, and enters the boot - I thought it was all down to this - but I was wrong.

If you pour water down the side channels around the boot, it flows over the rear light cluster - AND BEHIND IT! As this is only held on simply, there is a massive hole for some of the water to flow into the boot - run along the base floor of the boot, and, when braking - flow forward under the seats.

The simple fix to this is to remove the light clusters, and place a bead of silicone sealant in an arch shape above the light, and place the light back again to make a good seal. Wipe off excess quickly.

The second area is those lucky people with sunroofs.
Water collects in the seal, and if the seal is not good, leaks into the cabin - often directly over your head :mad: Now I have an automatic weather indicator that tells me when it's raining. I do not want this optional extra.

The fix was fairly simple - just open sunroof, remove 2 screws from above, and lift the glass forward and up to remove it.
Use a rag to clean the seal all round, and glass cleaner on the glass bit - DON"T DROP IT !!!
Next - use a silicone product on the rubber seal. I used a tyre shine product, but even instant-shoe shine will work.
Replace everything again, and so far - no more drips.
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