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Good Afternoon,

This post is long overdue, finally my 206 project is almost finished after 2 years in the making. over the last few weeks the finishing touches have been added. The current spec is a follows

- 2.0 16 converted to throttle bodies
- K6 ECU with a custom remap by super nova tuning
- wideband lambda sensor by AEM
- Launch control programed in regulated by speed VS clutch position by super nova
- Flat Shifting programmed (due to the DOG box) by super nova
- high lift cams by Kent
- full exhaust system to regulation spec by A14 Performance
- dog box
- limited slip diff
- Engine was built by PUG 1 OFF
- a beautiful noise with extra bangs thanks to the remap

Below is a video of her in action at the rolling road hoping the final result will be 250 BHP or above. Im looking at attending the charity event a snetterton race trace (Thetford Norfolk) on the 25th OCT 14 I just hope its all finished and running by this time :)

I would appreciate your comments or thoughts.... Oh its still road legal with number plates. I would like to thank every one that has help me along the way.

MOD NOTE::::: video link added
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